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An Affirmation For Peace of Mind

God I'm so grateful. For your presence in my life because now I understand that your presence is not merely you being in the air. Neither does it have anything to do with me knowing you, but it has everything to do with the acknowledgement that not only do you exist, but you exist inside of me. You have a seat in my soul and that seat can never be vacant as long as I have breath and life. What happens way too often is I forget.

I go out into the world and I seek things to make me feel good. Things to keep me distracted. Things that I can just participate in to keep me busy. Ultimately, these external things that I seek have no bearing nor relevance to my underlying reason for existence; as a result, I live in a world comprised of make believe importance. One that I constantly need to escape from. One that holds me captive to noise and ignorant to solitude.

I am however called to operate from my spirit to not only acknowledge God seated within but to also live from the inside out in order to influence the world around me.Too often I allow what's outside to come in and corrupt my thoughts, emotions, and resolve. The creator in me gives me the power to create externally. What I choose to create externally can either feed my spirit, or completely neglect it. The choice is free but the consequences of the later option can be fatal for the mind, body, and soul.

So how do I feed my internal dialogue with the stuff that keeps me away from the extra that I don't need? It's time for spiritual food. It's time to use sacred experience as a way to get back to the highest version of myself. When going deep within, I can be pulled into god's light. The time is upon me to disassociate with all things that cause me to stumble. The time has come to reach my internal peak. It is only there in that space I can declare peace of mind.

  • Michael Maitre

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Tammi Marks
Tammi Marks

Enlightening and strong! So much distraction, so much noise, feed me that spiritual food that tastes so good, so good from the inside out!

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