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Why Life Scheme?
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Life Scheme thrives as a Spiritual Life Coaching System that boldly aims to  inspire change, creates wellness programming, and communicates a message of purpose, in order for people everywhere to embrace their authentic selves.

Mission Statement

It was the pause. It was the solitude I had within my own mind that allowed me to self reflect and ask myself a few meaningful questions. When you get to that level it feels like you are sailing over the moon, like there is so much light around you that  light can be found  under you.This means you are capable of reaching a point that you are lifting people up with your presence.


     You start to leave a trail in all of your relationships because you are able to see the “I am” ( highest level of self)  in all things. Challenges will become common practice in your daily routines and discipline becomes a reward rather than a sacrifice.This is why we say if God is for us who can be against us. Not because God overpowers your enemies, but because when you are in commune with him nothing else exists. Let’s journey together. 

                                                   -Michael Maitre

                                                    Chief Executive Officer


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 Discovering purpose with intention; with deep desire and curiosity for a positive outcome and self-discovery, and the lesson learned that this life that is given by our Creator is a journey.There are many pathways to happiness, like there are many neural pathways created in our brain by neurons.  Discovering a life scheme isn’t a quick and easy task.  The ah-ha moment after floating through life and relationships was discovering my own self.  This self-discovery is the pinnacle to finding truth and authenticity.  Having the awareness of a life plan of action- a Life Scheme- by choosing desire, intention, courage, and accepting of your truth will lead to an abundance of rewards; the greatest being Happiness.


                                                    -Tammi Marks

                                                     Administrative Director


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